The Skycloud by Kandypens was my first experience with a pen vaporizer featuring an oval body design.

Things I noticed right off the bat:

  1. Small design fit well in the hand
  2. The battery is built into the body
  3. Pretty much everything I needed to get started was included in the box.

The Skycloud comes with three interchangeable chambers, an atomizer for e-liquid, a chamber for dry herb, and a chamber for assorted concentrates. You also get a concentrate applicator tool, small cleaning brush (for dry herb chamber), charger and wall adapter.

First of all, I like that this pen comes with everything you need to get started. It wasn’t until a few months into owning my first vaporizer pen (the Vaporbrothers Dabbler) that I went out and purchased an e-liquid tank to try with it. So with the Skycloud I got to try all of the possible configurations right off the bat.

Field Report:

1. The dry herb cart coupled with glass spacers can do some dry herb vaporization.

You’re not going to fit a whole lot of herb in here folks, this isn’t the PAX killer by any means. Its still a nice feature for the bold willing to make sure that their herb isn’t too finely ground for the glass screens.

2. The rim around the coil inside the concentrate cart makes waxes easier to load.

I really wanted the rim around the coil to help load the concentrate cart. I was hoping it would heat up enough if I ran the heat a bit before loading that the concentrate could just slide right onto the coil.

I had no luck using that loading method.

I did have some luck with heating the tip of the dabber then touching the wax causing it to run into the atomizer. Success!

3. E-liquid atomizer cart is great!

I only had one type of e-liquid available to try in this cart. I filled up the cart and started getting good vapor production pretty much right away. The cart is attached to the battery firmly, it shares a similar exterior styling to the concentrate cart and dry herb cart.

4. Glass globe concentrate cart.

First of all, I love the glass globe. Its easy to load, easy to use, and easy to see it working. The globe comes off the cart with very little hassle and the mouthpiece stays very firmly secured inside the globe.

5. The Skycloud is similar but different from other pen vaporizers that share the same battery style.

My first thought upon agreeing to review the Skycloud was, “This is going to be like any other pen vaporizer, use one you’ve used them all.”

As it turns out, I’m wrong again on that count.

While I haven’t used any other oval battery vaporizers, I have experience with other pen vaporizers (Dabbler, Omicron mini, etc…) and those are all just a bit different from each other. Enough to keep it interesting.

The Skycloud has one of the taller concentrate atomizers I’ve seen for its body style. Both the concentrate and dry herb chambers can be unscrewed from the bottom of the cart, the dry herb and concentrate containers have interchangeable cart bottoms.

6. Battery
The battery on the Skycloud takes about two and a half hours to charge. A full charge lasted me close to a full day of use switching between the e-liquid cart, glass globe concentrate cart, and regular concentrate cart.

Wrap Up

The Skycloud certainly came packed with a few surprises. Overall I really enjoyed the glass globe attachment, it would have been perfect if that cart had a more secure connection like the others.

The dry herb attachment can vaporize, just remember not to grind too fine.

The new wickless atomizer accessory for wax/concetrates means little to no aftertaste.

The e-liquid tank works well. Although my experience with e-liquid is limited this tank has had no issues with leaking though the bottom or top, like other e-liquid tanks I’ve used in the past.

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