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I just got my Galaxy and when I was checking it out a little gold pin and plastic sleeve fell out. Is this part of it? It was in the part close to the battery – Thanks!

gro xotix

Is there any way to turn off the light on this pen. That’s the one thing I don’t like about it is if I want to be inconspicuous I can’t because the light is so bright.


For everyone having the problem with multiple lights flashing, theres a good chance its from excess product build up in the atomizer. I’ve encountered this problem as well. If you repetitively hold the power button down for about a second at a time and release before the colors flash, it will eventually burn off the excess, and function normal again.You may have to do this several,several times, so be patient.


Hey I just got my galaxy about a week ago I’ve used it lots.. At first I was having no problems tell just recently the light seems to blink all three colors after just seconds of holding it. I tried turning it upside down and holding the button on the hottest setting and burning away all the left over shatter. I found that after doing it enough its back to the way it was


I had the same problem, and it is just from excess build up. If repeatedly heat it up and release before it blinks multiple colors, it will eventually burn off and perform as normal.


My pen starts blinking all three colors after I hold it for about 5 seconds. Once coil starts turning red, it starts blinking and won’t let me heat up my wax. I tried a brand new coil and I’m still getting this problem. I’m not too sure if this is happening because of faulty coils or battery but when I keep the battery on without a coil attached it stays on for a while.


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