Kandypens Galaxy: It’s out of this world

Kandypens Galaxy Pen

The Kandypens Galaxy is a great example of how far we’ve come with wax pens. While many pens look alike on the outside, there is a lot of variety in the battery, build quality, and atomizer design.
The Galaxy has a solid stainless steel body. It has a bit of heft to it and gives the pen a substantial feel in the hand or pocket.

The heating element (atomizer) is a grade 2 titanium coil wrapped around twin quartz rods. The use of a quartz core means that you’ll be tasting your wax, not the pen.

The battery, which makes up a little over half of the pen’s length, has three different temperature settings. This means that you can dial in your hits to a temperature that suits your wax or concentrate best. With three temps to choose from, you won’t have a hard time finding a sweet spot.

That’s the basics to what makes up the Galaxy pen.

If you’re trying to answer the question, “Should I buy the Kandypens Galaxy for wax and/or concentrate use?”

Then the answer is yes. For ~$100 you’re guaranteed a solid starter kit with everything you need but the wax 😉

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Build Quality

Kandypens Galaxy Parts

This pen is SOLID.

The threading is smooth, all the parts screw together with ease.

The single most important thing: No funky taste or smell. The goal is for the wax pen to be a clean way to heat the wax up to vaporization temps. Too many other pens take shortcuts that undermine the ultimate goal of a good clean hit. The Galaxy gives a great clean hit, in part thanks to its solid build.

Two thumbs up.


Look inside the atomizer and you’ll see two quartz rods. They hold on to some heat from the metal coils and help the coils keep their shape.

Kandypens Galaxy Atomizer

Quartz is all the rage nowadays. It’s more resilient than regular glass, and holds up better against the frequent temperature fluctuations. It’s also nonporous, which means that the wax will run off of the rod it while it’s melting instead of being absorbed.

So what happens to all the wax on the bottom?

This is what makes the Galaxy atomizer especially effective. The coils in the atomizer are placed so close to the bottom of the dish that all the melted wax on the bottom gets vaporized from the top down. It’s like a wax broiler.

Lastly, to preserve the taste, the metal heating coil is made of a grade 2 titanium, a standard practice in higher end pens.


Kandypens Galaxy Wax Pen

This might be the only place where I’d find fault with the Galaxy. It’s not that the battery doesn’t last, I don’t have a problem with the battery life. It’s that the battery life is so good that I don’t remember to charge the pen.

When the Galaxy pen dies, you’ll need a USB adapter cord in order to charge it. It’s not an uncommon cord, and you get one with the pen, but it’s not as common as the USB micro port on the older style Kandypens pens.

That being said, the Galaxy battery is smaller in size than a standard wax pen battery, but lasts just as long. The space savings comes from not needing the extra parts to support the built-in charging port.

There are also three different temperature settings built into the battery. You can swap through them by clicking the “K” button three times while the Galaxy pen is unlocked.

The button will flash one of three colors to indicate the current temperature:

  • Red (low 350F)
  • Green (medium 390F)
  • Blue (high 430F)


Short of not remembering to charge it from time to time, I’ve had a flawless experience with my Galaxy.

While I won’t say we’ve reached the peak of pen performance, we’re finally at a point where newcomers can get a solid first experience right out of the box. And the learning curve gets easier with every generation.

I’d highly recommend the Kandypens Galaxy. And it’s worth noting that while it’s primarily called a wax pen, and works best with semi-solid concentrates, I’ve had success with shatter and other types of oil.


The Galaxy normally sells for $100

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