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My pax 2 stopped working. I turn it on and after the red lights dim and get brighter a few time, all the lights flash blue 10 times and it powers off. I have contacted support as I purchased directly from Ploom and received an automated email reply. That was 3 days ago and I have heard nothing.


Have had the pax two for a week now . No matter what I do I don’t get a good draw . Very hard to get good clouds like I get with my original pax even though I use the same finely ground material …. Have been disappointed in the pax two so far ….anybody have any thoughts or suggestions ? I just ordered the vented oven lid , different screen and the pusher thing but have not received them yet , hoping those improve the draw resistance etc…


Great review. Regarding 3rd party accessories, I have a stainless vented oven lid and fat stainless screen for my Pax from newvape.com. They also sell a Pax pusher that lets you vape smaller bowls or throw it it near the end of a bowl to make sure you get all that vapor out. I haven’t had a chance to try any other accessories but do recommend spending a few bucks on replacing the factory screen if you do nothing else. 🙂


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