The new O-PHOS is here, and with it, improvements.

KISS carts now sit flush with body

Finally! Not only that, but you no longer have to worry about screwing the cart on too tight and damaging something.

UP Tech Extract Carts with sheath sit flush with body

This isn’t exactly a new feature. But for die hard Extract Cart fans (you know who you are) this is a blessing. There is something to be said about being able to load an entire gram into a cart.

Spring center pin connector resolves over-tightening issue

The old O-PHOS wasn’t designed with the KISS carts in mind, screw it on too tight and you have a dead O-PHOS. Not anymore!

Updated to well-liked EVOD battery style.

The battery is tried and tested. It has a sturdy, flush button. Same 950 battery capacity, same  micro USB charging port.


2013 O-PHOS on the left – 2014 O-PHOS on the right

Why buy the O-PHOS over a generic EVOD?

The O-PHOS isn’t that expensive at $54.99 from VaporWarehouse. With the O-PHOS you get a titanium KISS cart, dabber tool, and silicone jar.

Once you start splitting that up into separate orders (battery from one place, cart from another) you’re going to lose any money you’d otherwise save on shipping.

You’re also guaranteed that the carts and the batteries will have matching threads, which isn’t a given when you mix and match (I speak from experience).

Lastly, UP Tech does some tweaking to the internals. Take from that what you will, I’m not sure what changes are made.

Verdict: Same great pen, with some MUCH needed improvements.

From left to right: O-PHOS 2013 with 3.7v KISS cart, O-PHOS 2014 with extract cart, PERSEI 2014 with 7.4v KISS cart

You can see the rest of UP Tech’s lineup over at