Every time I turn around there is a new pen style concentrate vaporizer to review. It’s enough to make a guy go nuts.

At some point, I had to put my foot down and say,

“I’m not going to review another me-too pen vape if it doesn’t have anything new worth talking about.”

With that, I cleared my desk of pen vapes and didn’t look back.

Donuts? Tell me more.

Donuts Atomizer

Anyone who knows me knows I’m a sucker for delicious yeasty donuts. Especially honey glazed. Mmmmm.

This is not that kind of donut.

The Kandypens Donuts gets its name from the donut shaped ceramic dish sitting at the bottom of the atomizer.

Pen Vapes 101: Kandypens Donuts

Kandypens Donuts Case

This pen vaporizer can be broken down into its three main parts:

  • Battery
  • Atomizer
  • Mouthpiece

The battery is the longest part of the pen, along the top of the battery you’ll find the button used to activate the pen. The Donuts pen has a stylish K shaped button that heats up the donut shaped ceramic dish inside the atomizer. You can also use the button to adjust the pen’s vaporization temperatures, and to lock/unlock your battery (similar to an on/off switch).

The atomizer is attached the battery by screwing it directly onto the top of the battery. I recommend a short press on the button to test the atomizer and make sure it’s working before continuing to the next step.

Now we’re ready to add a small amount of oil or wax to the atomizer. Using the small metal tool included with the pen, scoop up a bit of your concentrate and gently place it in the Donuts atomizer.

The mouthpiece slides into the top of the atomizer with a snug fit. The entire pen is well machined and all the parts match together smoothly.

Button Clicks

Kandypens Donuts Button

What happens when you press the K button largely depends on how you press it.

  • Press and hold: Sends power to the atomizer activating the heater
  • Three quick clicks: Cycle through low, medium, high temperatures
  • Five quick clicks: Lock/Unlock battery

Does it work well?

This is the critical questions to ask when considering a pen vape.

The donut heater does work well, it melts and vaporizes the oil evenly. The three different temperature settings are useful for dialing in a good hit using technique. While I can’t say with certainty that the donut will outclass all ceramic core atomizers, I’ve been happily using this bright pink Donuts pen for weeks without a second thought about my old pens. The taste of the vapor feels better.

How do you dial in the good hits?

By adjusting the temperature of the donut, varying how long you keep the button engaged, and experimenting with how fast you draw vapor from the pen will give you plenty of opportunities to find a good technique that works for you to get great hits.

Should you buy it?

The Kandypens Donuts is a unique take on the pen vaporizer. The donut atomizer design heats the oils gently to preserve the taste, an improvement over the direct heat from a wrapped coil.

The pen comes a selection of high quality vibrant metallic finishes. This bright pink pen pink really stands out from my collection of black vape pens all covered in the same soft touch rubber.

The Kandypens Donuts pen stands out from the pack, and I’d recommend it to anyone looking for a discrete, satisfying on-the-go oil-and-wax vaporizer experience.

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