Dual bowls of fury

The Haze Vaporizer is a portable dry herb vaporizer with a few clever tricks up its sleeve. Its flagship feature is a dual herb chamber design which can heat the chambers one at a time. Load it up once, use it twice. The design is pocket friendly, has a user removable battery, and lets you stow your mouthpiece inside the vape when you’re not using it.

Note: This review is of the Haze V3 model.

Haze Vaporizer Operations Manual

Using the Haze is easy as can be. The unit turns on by itself when you swing open the door to pull out the mouth piece. Pressing the button on top will cycle through the four temperature settings. Four lights on the front of the Haze will light up as you press the button indicating temperature settings 1, 2, 3, and 4.

Choices Choices

Choosing which of the two herb chambers you’ll be using is always your first step. The door that hides the mouthpiece can swing towards the front or back of the Haze. Depending on if you swing it forward or backward, you’re activating a different heater.

Can you use both heaters at the same time? No.

Do I have a difficult time remembering which bowl is which while turning the Haze on? Yes. Every time.

I sometimes open the lid of the Haze for a quick peak at the little circles in front of the herb chambers before I start it up, but even then I have to double check which circle is where under the lid. Woe is me.

Not a serious problem to have. Don’t tell me to start memorizing stuff.

Haze Vaporizer Open with Glass Mouthpiece

Not so tough after all

When I first got this thing, I could not open it. Maybe one out of 5 tries I was able to open it without straining myself or the Haze. As it turns out… I was not using my noggin.

TO EASILY OPEN THE HAZE LID: Put your fingers against the lip on the edge of the lid, so that your fingernails are against the back of the unit and the tips of your fingers are in the groove between the the lid and the back.

Put your thumb against the center of the lid.

Squeeze as if you’re going trying to press your thumb and fingertips together. This motion should effortlessly open the lid to the herb chambers.

Glass or Metal

Haze Vaporizer with Steel Mouthpiece

The mouthpiece on the Haze is completely removable. In the box with the Haze there are two mouthpieces. One glass, the other stainless steel.

Props to the Haze for being able to pull off a “built in” glass mouthpiece that is well secured when it’s not in use. The few incidents I’ve had where the Haze fell on the ground from standing height (oops) the glass mouthpiece survived without a crack or scratch.

When the Haze is not in use, the mouthpiece is completely recessed inside the body.

Convection, Conduction, Oven Box

Haze Vaporizer Accessories

All these inserts give you a lot of options. Perhaps I’m not making the right use of them. I prefer the little metal herb basket with the metal lid.

The other inserts are:

  • Pair of mesh baskets, that’s the “convection” option.
  • Pair of wire mesh inserts that doesn’t quite make a full basket. That’s the conduction insert.
  • One metal basket with a silicone lid. This is the oil option.

I choose to leave the convection basket and the metal herb basket in the Haze most of the time. Gives the two chambers a bit of variety.

At the end of the day, I just wanted to enjoy the Haze, and having to keep inventory of all these small mesh and metal baskets was too much for me. So now I keep a standard basket setup in the Haze pretty much all the time, I don’t feel like I’m missing out by not swapping them around.

Battery & Charger

Haze Vaporizer Charger and Batteries

I have to bring up the charger that comes with the Haze. Not only will it charge the two proprietary 18650s (variety of battery) that come with the Haze, but it’s can also charge your smartphone or USB powered device using those same batteries.

The charger is on the larger side, I don’t see myself carrying it around, even with the extra USB port. My little rechargeable battery banks are still more convenient.

A full charge for one battery takes about four hours. You’ll get about 40 – 60 minutes of runtime out of a full battery, which is about four sessions.

Haze Vaporizer showing battery compartment

Portability, Pocketability, and On-the-Goability

The Haze is a little on the hefty side at just under 7 ounces, but it’s relatively easy to carry around in the pocket. The rounded body of the Haze sits well against the leg or hip.

Is it easy to carry around in a purse or pants pocket?

My wife says it’s the perfect size for her purse. Which make no sense, she can fit the inventory of an entire corner convenience store into her purse. A bowling ball is the perfect size to take up residence in her purse. (Ladies, don’t read into my nonsense. The Haze gets a purse friendly seal of approval.)

Guys, you’ll be fine as long as you don’t wear skinny jeans. (Note: This advice is not Haze specific, but does apply to the Haze)

Haze Vaporizer with Mouthpiece Retracted

Vapor Quality

So really, why do we use vaporizers?

To get vapor from our dry herbs or oils.

Where does the Haze stack up against other vaporizers in its ability to deliver a complete vapor hit?

The taste is conduction taste for sure. There is a bit more toastieness to hits from the Haze, especially later on in a session when the herbs are almost cooked.

The herb chambers are on the smaller side, which limits most of my Haze sessions to 3 – 4 good hits per herb chamber.

No funky tastes to be found, it’s a clean conduction tastes the whole way through.


There are four different temperature presets available on the Haze.

  1. 365F
  2. 380F
  3. 390F
  4. 415F

I spend a lot of time on the temp setting 2. It seems to be the taste to vapor density sweet spot for me.

From a cold start, the Haze takes about 90 seconds to reach most temperatures. Lower temperatures take closer to 60 seconds.


The Haze is a quality vaporizer that contends with the Pax 2, Arizer Air, and others in its weight class. I’d say it’s worth considering for those looking to take advantage of the dual herb chambers, removable battery, and hidden mouthpiece.

Where to buy & Warranty

The Haze retails for for $249.99 and comes with a 10 year warranty.

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