An important part of vaporizers and our vaporizer reviews is the ability to taste what you’re vaporizing. Manufacturers strive to provide as clean a vapor path as they can in order to isolate the taste of the herb. It stands to reason you’re going to want to preserve the taste of your herb and keep it as fresh as possible. Thats why its important to keep it in an airtight, moisture resistant container. But what about potency? Potency is negatively affected by light as well as air, which means you’ll want a stash jar that will keep light out as well.

Why Herb Preserve Stash Jars?

Why should you pay for Herb Preserve jars rather than using mason jars or small glass containers from food products, ect…? The quick answer is located in the question. Herb Preserve jars are intended to make the herb last longer and stay fresh in the process. Other jars were intended for either multifunction use (mason jars) or for holding a certain type of food product. Non-stash jar intended jars were designed with those principles in mind and therefore don’t cater to the unique requirements to keep herb fresh the longest.

Foam-like lining which make the lid water and air tight.

Herb Preserve jars are an ideal stash jar because they were designed to be the ideal stash jar. These stash jars are made from glass and have a plastic screw lid. Inside the top of the lid is a soft foam-like pad which helps seal the jar when its screwed shut. A good way to test the seal is to screw the stash jar shut tightly and submerge it in water. If it leaks or air bubbles come out, then the seal isn’t airtight. My Herb Preserve stash jars are an airtight seal.

What about the competition?

While there are other manufacturers that make stash jars, many of them are still clear glass with art etched into the glass. While there are some other products that also focus on creating an air and light proof container, I haven’t used their products due to availability or cost. Beyond that, my experience with the Herb Preserve customer service department was fantastic, they’re obviously a company that cares about their customers.


If you care about the quality of your herb, do yourself a favor and invest in some good stash jars. Herb Preserve offers quality stash jars at a decent price. The best way to get the most bang for your buck is to buy the 3packs (or gift packs) which is already discounted, coupled with a coupon code. If your order after coupons and discounts surpasses $75 the shipping will be free, they’ll also throw in two smaller sized jars. If you intend on putting your own labels on the jars, you can put a note in your order and they’ll send you an unlabeled jar.

The jars can be purchased at

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