I’ve had the Omicron in my hands for a few days now and I can say this is looking like a really nice concentrate vaporizer. Here are 5 things that stick out to me so far:

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    • Filling the carts is a pain, hopefully my skills will improve over time. I got blisters on me fingers!
    • It took awhile to find a method for getting consistent vapor, but now that I’ve got it down there are less Ghost Hits.
    • Ghost Hits (noun): Word I just made up. That awkward moment where you put your lips up to the vaporizer and taste the bud but no vapor is seen exiting your body. This leads to the question “Am I even getting high?” Which then leads to me smoking more and then time starts literally tearing apart at the seams. You know how it goes.
    • How long do these cartridges last? I have no earthly idea. I weighed my cart empty and filled but I’m not smart enough to figure out how long the material will last me.
    • I tried filming a cloud of vapor, but couldn’t ever get thick clouds to show up on camera. I even tried shining light underneath it. I get vapor and I get high, but I’m just not getting those thick clouds like I do on herb vaporizers. There’s a lot of variables at play with the Omicron, though: you can combine different accessories to increase the voltage of the vape, thus increasing vapor production. Currently am I using the stock 4.7V battery and the 2.4 ohm cartridges. I would like to experiment with some of those higher voltage batteries and see how that effects vapor production.

        omicron hitI know that big hits can be taken from it. There’s evidence all over YouTube. I am going to write a full review with my thoughts after I’ve taken this beautiful she-devil to the desert and learned more about what makes her tick. Who’s medicated? It’s me!

        Do you have an Omicron? Want to be my Guru? Have any questions you’d like answered in the review? Hit me up in the comments or on our Twitter @VaporReviewBlog.