Third-party Pax 2 accessories are popping up and with them a slew of new uses for the Pax 2.

I mentioned in my Pax review that it’s purposefully made to be carried and used discretely. But what if you want to break out the old bong? Well, it turns out it’s pretty easy to hook your Pax 2 up to it with a water pipe adapter (WPA). For the record, I prefer the taste and texture of water-cooled vapor.

Don’t want to pack a full oven every time you load the Pax 2? The Pax 2 Sandwich is an adjustable spacer (and screen) that packs the herbs down tight without needing to fill the entire oven.

Pax 2 Water Pipe Adapter

Pax 2 Water Pipe Adapter

The Pax 2 Water Pipe Adapter is available for $36 at

Pax 2 Sandwich

The Pax 2 Sandwich is the accessory I’ve been waiting for. I even alluded to it in my review.

I’m not a big fan of the standard flat screen that comes with the Pax 2, it offers the benefit of more restriction, which in turn offers thicker hits, but not much more.

Pax 2 Sandwich

The raised screen that comes with the Pax 2 Sandwich screen is thicker and has grooves in it for increased airflow. It’s designed to fall out of the oven easily, which makes it easier to empty when finished. If I drop it on the ground I might find it again, maybe, because it’ll make a noise.

Even though the Sandwich screen offers better airflow you can still choose to draw slowly and get a thick hit. You can also choose to rip it. You’re no longer limited by the screen.

But… With better airflow also comes a temperature drop. I help the Pax 2 along by turning the temperature up when I want to really rip it, this way I can enjoy the added airflow and still get the performance I expect. One oven load doesn’t last too long when I do it like that. But it’s great for filling up a waterpipe with cloudy vapor when using the Pax 2 with the water pipe adapter.

Pax 2 Sandwich1
Pax 2 Sandwich

The other half of the Pax 2 Sandwich is called the Pax 2 Pusher (pictured above). Just like the Pax before it, the Pax 2 works best when the herbs are packed together.

Until the Pusher came along, your options were full tight pack or partial loose pack. Now we have the option of a spacer that is placed on top of your herbs before you put the oven lid on. With the Pusher in place, the herbs are pressed down into a little brick (not too tight) between the pusher and the screen.

The Pax 2 Pusher now includes a threaded spacer head, meaning you can twist up or down it to adjust its height for the perfect pack. What I do is load my oven, then place the pusher on top and twist the head up until it interferes with the oven lid closing all the way, a small twist in the downward direction, replace the oven lid, and I have a perfectly packed Pax 2.

Before I forget to mention, the Pax 2 Sandwich gets HOT while in use. I’d like to think that’s implied, but I dumped a hot screen into my hand after the first trial run. Not going to make that mistake again.

The Micro Sesh

Using the full Pax 2 Sandwich I’ve been taking these small sessions that last about four hits before the oven is toasted. Originally I expected to prefer the higher temperatures with these micro sessions, but the first and second temperatures give great results.

Since the sessions are short and focused, I don’t dilly dally around too much wasting battery life. I was able to get about three or four micro sessions before I lost my first quarter of battery life. I find myself enjoying the Pax 2 a lot more with the Sandwich set.

The Pax 2 Sandwich is available as the $15 Pax 2 Pusher and the $15 Pax 2 Screen from NewVape.