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My cleaning system for these daily-used VapeXNails is an abundant quantity, low-effort, long-duration strategy: I have more than 12, and I put used ones in a tub of Smoke Soap under my sink. When I need clean ones, they are there waiting to be rinsed off, having soaked a day or more and are ready. If there is somehow still any stuck-on residue, I just microwave my Smoke Soap tub for 3 minutes, let it stand for 5 to cool and then rinse then out, maybe use a pipe cleaner or cotton swab, but is usually not needed at all,… Read more »

If you haven’t ordered a unit yet, use the code ‘ESO’ to receive two of these bad boys free of charge 🙂 guarantee it’ll run those titanium e-nail outta business in no time


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