What is it?

The CVault container by FreshStor seems like an unassuming storage container at first, but underneath the lid lies a surprise: a 62% humidity control Boveda pack. This pack allows you to give your herbs the right humidity. 62% humidity is supposed to be a nice environment for your aromatherapy herbs. But how would it effect the vaping experience?

I ran a little experiment and here’s what I found:

I took a half ounce of product and split it between three containers: a medium CVault with the 62% Boveda pack, a small CVault with no Boveda pack, and an off brand zip top bag. A lot of times I’ll get my product in a cheap baggie and it never really gets placed into another storage medium. I felt this would give me a good idea of what the CVault offers over my usual lazy method.

How did it go? I left my product in their containers for about a week, within 24 hoursI noticed the CVault with the humidipak had given my pathetic dry product a bit more spring in it’s step (What can I say? The farmers market can be hit or miss). By the end of the week I noticed the product produced more consistent vapor. This surprised me because I was under the impression the drier the herb the more vapor produced. It’s possible that because the quality of my herbs were so low that the Boveda pack breathed a little more life into it. By hour 72 in the CVault w/Boveda pack the herbs stopped crumbling between my fingers and stood up to grinding better. It was a noticeable difference. How did the others do? The small CVault with no Boveda pack didn’t improve the product anymore, but it also didn’t hurt it. What about the cheap baggie? Well the stuff I left in the baggie got worse. I didn’t know how it was possible, but it got even drier and by the end of the week a lot more leaf had shaken to the bottom of the bag and disintegrated.

Now, let me be clear: this wasn’t the most scientific test. I usually don’t receive product this bad, and I’m interested in seeing what the CVault does to my usual herbs which aren’t as dry and well, bunk. If the product has been properly treated and cured how does the Boveda pack help the vaping experience? I’ll do my best to run a few more tests in the coming months.

What’s in the box?

My CVaults came packed with a little pamphlet on use and a single use Boveda pack. These packs are easy to obtain from Amazon or a local smoke/cigar shop. 62% is good for herbs, but if you’re vaping tobacco you might want to go higher. Consult a professional. I don’t vape tobacco. These packs have a shelf life of 60-90 days. The CVault can also be used to cure product, but as I am not a farmer I can’t speak to it’s effectiveness. FreshStor states that if you’re using the CVaults to cure product they should be replaced more frequently, as the Boveda packs have to work harder to remove moisture.

My experience

The CVaults are well built. The metal snaps seal the container with a nice click, and it doesn’t feel cheap or poorly made. My biggest gripe with them are the two dimples on the lid where the Boveda pack holders have been welded in. It’s a small detail that doesn’t even matter in the long run, but for some reason my eye is drawn directly to those little spots.


The CVaults are reasonably priced: for the small CVault the price is $21.95, the medium is $24.95. They can be purchased directly from the manufacturer over at VapeWorld. The Boveda packs are also easily obtained and start at $1.25 for the small packs. I’ve paid more for glass jars that break in a week. The CVault has the ability to give back to the product stored in it. I view it as an investment in the product I store in it, and am excited to test it further.