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What do you do when the middle of the “Santa Cruz Shredder” grinder is absolutely jammed? I cannot twist it apart and am becoming very frustrated.

I just washed my matte teal medium 4 piece I ordered off their website a few months back and the paint has come off of the entire teeth chamber none other pieces but the teeth chamber and Santa Cruz would not honor a warrenty for it and blamed it on how I was cleaning it, but if this was the case the other pieces should show signs of default on the paint and they do not. they then offered me a 20% off discount code which is really useless seeing the product I owned is out of stock, they also… Read more »
alex gomez

If anyone wanted to buy a best grinder, the Santa Cruz Shredder is one of the excellent grinders in the market. This is very smooth and easy to grind anything as well as it crushes the material easily.


I have a large scs i just got like last year and im kind of really dissappointed with how much headache my scs gives me. The so called special magnets are kind of shitty, aka i was simply kiefing my shit and the grinder flew apart and as did the herbs inside. Also it gets to where its nearly impossible to open sometimes so idk how foolproof this “threading is”. All in all i wish i wouldve gotten a space case.


The santa cruz shredder is suppose to be the best grinder on the market, apparently even the space case diamond teeth will get aluminum in your herb! the shredder WILL NOT EVER!!! just ordered on earlier today. Pretty excited!


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