The Gravity is the latest and greatest in Kandypens lineup of wax pen vaporizers. It introduces a brand new atomizer to the Kandypens lineup, a solid ceramic disk. The build quality of the Gravity Pen is well up to the standards I’ve come to expect from Kandypens, and the textured black sandblasted finish is impressively durable.

Kandypens Gravity Case Closed

When choosing a wax (or concentrate) pen I want ease of use and peace of mind . I want to stick it in my pocket, go for a walk, and be able to enjoy my oil whenever the will strikes. Some common pen vape problems I’ve run into with other pens are:

  • unreliable batteries that suddenly stop working
  • wax atomizers that clog easily or instantly
  • atomizers burning out
  • atomizer burning my wax or oil

Any one of those things happening is a great way to ruin a Sunday stroll along the river.

Kandypens Gravity Disk Atomizer

My experience with the Gravity Pen has been entirely positive. The new disk atomizer is an instant favorite and the added low end temperatures are flavorful and easy on the lungs. If you’re like me and sensitive to heavy vapor, or tend to cough a lot from vaporizing, the lower temps are sure to please.

With the Kandypens Gravity kit you’ll receive:

  • Gravity Storage Case
  • Gravity Battery
  • Ceramic Disk Atomizer
  • Dual Quartz Rod Atomizer
  • Battery Charger
  • Dab Tool
  • Small Instruction Card
  • Square Case
  • 2x Alcohol Wipes (not pictured)
Kandypens Gravity in Case


The battery lasts for a long time, long enough for it to never be an issue. I tend to charge the battery every few days and never run into a low battery situation. A full charge will take about two hours. The charger is small and easy to keep in your bag if you travel a lot and need to charge the Gravity pen on the go.


The Gravity has four temperature settings, up from the standard three in most pens. You can tell which temperature is currently selected by the color of the glowing K logo. The temps and corresponding colors are:

* 300F – Pink
* 350F – Red
* 400F – Green
* 430F – Blue

You can change temps by clicking the K button three times quickly. The button will change colors and blink three times to confirm the temperature change.

Five quick clicks will lock or unlock the battery. It’s the same as turning the Gravity pen on and off. The pen will blink through each color once confirm that it is locked.

When you turn the pen back on, it will flash the current temperature color three times.

Ceramic Disk Atomizer

This is by far my favorite atomizer to date. It really shines when paired with the new lower temps on the Gravity Battery. The first few hits are always full of flavor with no risk of burning the oil. The disk does a great job evenly distributing the heat. The disk is placed low enough in the chamber to vaporize any oil that makes it to the bottom. Lots of great flavor from this one.

Dual Quartz Rod Atomizer

For fans of dabbing off quartz, there is a lot to love with the dual quartz rod atomizer. The entire atomizer chamber is lined in quartz, inside are two quartz rods wrapped in a titanium coil. The rods do a good job absorbing and distributing the heat from the coils. They’re also placed low in the chamber to vaporize any oil that makes it down there.


The addition of the carb hole in the mouthpiece gives me control over the thickness and size of the hit. I can block the hole with my finger for a potent draw, or leave it open to allow for air to mix into the atomizer chamber and “water down” the hit.


I recommend the Kandypens Gravity, it’s a reliable wax pen with top-notch atomizers from one of the biggest and well-known brands on the market.

The Gravity normally sells for $129, you can get it for about $98 with the coupon below.

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