The Omicron Mini is a discreet pen-style oil vaporizer from W9 Tech (UpTech).

What sets it apart?

The Omicron Mini is shorter than most pen vaporizers making it easier to carry, without sacrificing any power. The tradeoff is a smaller battery, which can be easily replaced while on the go.


  • 601 Threading
  • Body can unscrew into three parts
  • Modular design means you can upgrade to a higher battery capacity at any time
  • Removable 300mAh battery
  • Six clicks to “lock/unlock” the heater button (prevents accidentally pressing the button).
  • Ceramic core 3.7V K.I.S.S. cart gets the job done with quick 3-4 second pulses.

Things to look out for

  • A small (easy to lose) spacer is required to charge the small batteries, it can be a pain to get the battery to charge consistently depending on where you plug the charger in (wall, power strip…)
  • No 10 second shutoff timer on the heater, don’t char your cart like I did.
  • Every time you remove the battery, the cart “locks”


Overall, I like the Omicron Mini. It feels solid in the had and has a It’s small, has easy to carry and swap batteries, and it’s a good deal at $80 (with a K.I.S.S. cart included) from VaporWarehouse.