The Herbalizer packs a powerful heater inside a candy shell all served on a silver platter.


Packaging doubles as a durable carrying case.

The box has a handle, and comes with two Herbalizer form fitting foam panels which are removable and reusable. It has room to store four bags (or small accessories in place of a bag) and the power cord.

Candy Shell

They make this thing look good.

Discrete is the perfect word for it. The Herbalizer has a very clean streamlined look across the entire experience.

The shell is a durable plastic with a two coat finish that they’re calling “meteorize” which works to make the Herbalizer look premium, but still discrete.

The subtle patterns in the shell give it depth on the outside. The surprising amount of storage space for the included accessories gives the Herbalizer a sense of depth on the inside.

Powerful Heater

Not just any old lightbulb.

The heater isn’t only quick and powerful, it’s faster than most other vaporizers, and sets the bar for digital vaporizers. Never longer than a 17 second wait from a cold start.

The attractive display is to the point. I’m relieved to find no complicated menus or configurations, just a straightforward what-you-see-is-what-you-get interface.

My Experience

I enjoy showing off the Herbalizer, especially to folks who don’t have a lot of experience with vaporizers. It starts them off on the right foot.

Before the Herbalizer, I would carry around my Volcano in its trusty VapeCase. The Volcano box was not a reliable long term solution for travel the way the Herbalizer box is, it didn’t even have a handle!

Why Herbie? Am I trying to say it’s better than the Volcano?

In short, yes.

Herbie heats up faster than any other desktop vaporizer, it also outpaces most portable vaporizers. This is accomplished using a 300W halogen light bulb. A quick glance around Wikipedia told me that halogen bulbs are mostly used as… light bulbs!

When they’re used in projectors, a special filter has to be put between the bulb and the film to protect the film from the HEAT! In fact, halogen bulbs can get hot enough to cook.

Why is it important to have a 300 Watt lightbulb? Its instantaneous power coupled with the in-air temperature sensor means that I should be able to extract exactly what I want and get the desired effects, every time.  I can keep the effects light and uplifting, or go straight to intense.

How does it work for vaporizing?

FANTASTIC! I have no complaints at all.

It’s fast, it’s hot, and it’s small enough to cool down quickly when I’m flipping through temperatures.

Which brings me to my next points. Herbie is the only vaporizer that I have fun “vaping the spectrum.” In other words, some vaporizers make it feel like a chore starting at a low temperature and going higher incrementally. Especially if you want to repack and start over at a low temperature.

Why is it so fun on the Herbalizer? I can’t really tell you.

I think it relates to the entire experience as a whole. The screen is bright and colorful, it has a built in sensor to adjust the brightness automatically. The buttons FEEL good.

No, I’m not a button pervert. They really do feel good. They’re clicky and responsive. The fan button is rounded, so it always feels soft to touch.

The fan assist is fun to use with the whip, and it gets the job done filling bags. I get consistently good results with both.

Storage Space

Inside the lid is the mezzanine storage. It stores a tiny bottle of essential oil (for aromatherapy) that smells like black licorice, cleaning brush, herb storage container, grinder card, and two aromatherapy pads.

The brush is handy to have if you don’t already have one. The black licorice essential oil would be handy to have if they included something else to cover up the smell of black licorice. I kid, I recommend getting some Aura Cacia brand essential oil from VaporWarehouse. Lemongrass is one of my favorites.

The storage container is designed to be air tight and hold a gram or so of dry herb.. The grinder card is handy to have. It won’t replace a higher capacity grinder, but it’ll do in a pinch and convenient to always have available.


Of my two aromatherapy pads, one has been assigned strictly to aromatherapy use. The other for concentrates and oils.

Aromatherapy is very straightforward with the Herbalizer, as long as you’re prepared to get some of the oil on your fingers.  Why do I say that? Experience.


When using concentrates, I’ll put the aromatherapy pad into the chamber and run it at 445F with the fan on to heat the pad. Once the pad is sufficiently warmed up, I can place a dab of oil on it which will get absorbed inside the pad. Then I just need to decide if I want to use a bag or a whip.

Concentrates vaporized through the Herbalizer have a very similar effect to dry herb. A small dab of oil on the aroma pad could easily fill two bags, and a small spread of wax goes even farther. This is because all of the oil is slowly vaporized over time (cooked from the outside, in) rather than burned on a scorching hot surface. I oftentimes use the whip while vaporizing concentrates, thats where you can really taste the difference between vaporizing and burning the concentrate.


In the box

(1) Herbalizer

(1) Herb Chamber (top and bottom)

(1) Whip

(4) Bags

(1) Brush

(1) Storage Container

(1) Grinder Card

(1) DeFunk Oil

(2) Aromatherapy Pads

(1) Documents pouch (Instruction, stickers, etc…)

(1) Power Cord

Herbalizer Operation

Modes: Aromatherapy, Vaportherapy

Aromatherapy Length: 20 – 60 minutes

Aromatherapy Fan Speed: Low, High

Vaportherapy Temperature Range: 290 – 445°F

Vaportherapy Fan Speed: High


The Herbalizer is clearly marketed as a Volcano successor.

Is it really the next step?


Everything about the Herbalizer improves in the original Volcano design. The only exception is the bags and bag-valve system. I prefer the Volcano’s easy-valve bag system to the Herbalizer’s. Oftentimes I find that I need to hold the bag against the herb chamber to completely seal it, until I do that, it won’t completely inflate every time.

Overall I’d highly recommend the Herbalizer to anybody looking for a powerful, discreet, and reliable vaporizer. Using the Herbalizer over a period of weeks has forever changed what I expect from my vaporizer. The Herbalizer has raised the bar and set the new gold standard.

The Herbalizer costs $729.00

You can pick up your very own Herbalizer directly from the official authorized retailer.