The Da Buddha Vaporizer is a whip style vape from the fine folks at 7th Floor. Thanks to I was able to give it a thorough testing! It’s made of a solid aluminum housing and features a ceramic heater. To start off: this thing is built like a tank. The aluminum is thick and I’ve yet to scratch the coating. The cord is nice and long, so you’re not tied to an outlet or draping orange extension cords across your tactfully decorated domicile. What? You got a nice Moroccan theme going in here and I’m not trying to kill the vibe. Even the knob on this thing turns well.

What’s in the Box Bag?

The DBV comes with a nice bag with enough compartments to stash all your goodies, of which there are plenty.

You get the whip, the wand, a tip for the whip, and a stainless steel stirring tool. The bag fits everything really well, and if you pack it good you even have room for a few extras. I was able to comfortably fit in a medium sized grinder and an small herb container. The bag is well padded, making traveling less of a worry.


The vapor produced by the DBV was so strong I was rendered speechless. Literally. I lost the ability to speak for an hour and half. It’s one of the most efficient vapes I’ve ever used. The clouds it makes are thick and tasty, and the herb is a nice light brown when I’m finished (this is at 2-2:30 on the dial). I was always a guy who thought a desktop vaporizer wasn’t for him. “I’m a man who needs to move!” I would say to myself. “Why be tied down to a desk?” I would cackle stalking the house at 3 AM like a cheetah. The truth is I was wrong. The desktop vaporizer experience is FAR SUPERIOR in terms of taste, efficiency, and quality. One bowl in the DBV will take me to places that 2 or 3 bowls in the Solo or Pax couldn’t even compete against. At the end of my sessions with the DBV I’m not thinking “This tastes like it’s been in a dead man’s sock.” I’m thinking “This shit is delicious!”

I’m not gonna lie, this idiot had to learn some lessons. I had to learn the whip is to be respected. Don’t cough in it unless you’re prepared for a duff shotgun. Don’t forget you’re holding it and walk off to get a soda. I played that game. It doesn’t end well for you. Once you become one with the whip, it’s all over. You’ll be using it like a set of nunchucks.


The Buddha Vaporizer is like my own personal Sherpa, except I don’t have to fly 26 hours across the world and crap over the side of a mountain to get enlightenment. It’s a powerhouse that keeps it simple, and it pays off. It produces thick and tasty clouds that seem to stay as fresh as the first draw.


I have a friend who I owe a very big debt of gratitude. He’s new to vaping, doesn’t really think it’s “For Him”. I’ve tried all my portables, but I think the DBV is going to scratch that itch very well. I was gonna get it for him as a Christmas present but Santa had some unexpected bills pop up, so we’re looking at more of a New Year’s gift. I think at $189 this thing is a hell of a deal. In the spirit of  “I Don’t Have My Shit Together” Christmas, I’m gonna pass on the love VapeWorld showed me and get one for my friend. I would encourage you to do the same for a degenerate in your life. You know they’ve been real good this year.