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Alan k
Hi, the 2.0 firewood is my third firewood. The first one seemed to work great but as I later found I was holding the button too long, causing the product to burn…some nice hits though. Sent that back and got another of same. That one did not go well for me so they replaced with a 2.0 version. I dint know but I may not be doing it correctly because so far I have not gotten a good hit. Marc from firewood has bent over backwards to please me so I have not had the heart to complain about this… Read more »

Have you tried pulsing the heat (e.g. 3 seconds on, one second off). I haven’t used the Firewood 2.0 yet, but I’ve found that pulsing heat is a great way to keep the temperature high without getting “hot spots” that burn.


I am thinking of purchasing a firewood vaporizer. I’m attracted to the price. How does it compare to the MFLB? I like the idea of no external batteries, though without those batteries I cannot have multiple charges and have multiple rounds. If anyone could compare the two, that would be greatly appreciated. Thank yo!

Graham, its a tough choice. I’d push new users towards the MFLB only because of the accessory options and community support. That being said, Firewood was a great starter vape and I’ve introduced plenty of my friends to both the FW and the MFLB. The benefit of having external batteries outweighs the fact that you have to store and carry them with the vaporizer. You can always have a battery charged/charging. You can throw away old bad batteries and replace them with new fresh ones. The MFLB have a Power Adapter that makes it a great beginner desktop vaporizer (although… Read more »

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