Picture this: you’re out for the day, you brought along your favorite pen vape but forgot to bring along any oil. Happens to me a lot more than I care to admit. Which is why I’m so dazzled by the Atman Owar.

The Owar is a portable pen-style vaporizer for oils. The major components are listed below:

It’s important to note that the battery on the Owar is a medium sized fatty compared to the more commonly seen slim battery found in many vape pens.

Mouthpiece & Outer Shell

The top of the Owar, and the part you’re always touching with your face is the silicone mouthpiece. Below the mouthpiece is the outer shell which keeps all parts of the Owar cool to the touch during extended use. The silicone mouthpiece slots into the top of the shell, which holds the mouthpiece securely against the top of the atomizer. I can see a bit of resin building up on the inside lip of the mouthpiece from where the vapor condenses while I’m drawing. That lets me know I’m getting a good fit.


Inside the Owar atomizer is a ceramic chamber and three quartz rods wrapped in heating coils of unknown material. The chamber is then capped off with a threaded cap. The cap keeps the pen from spilling oil into the mouthpiece. Especially if the chamber is overloaded and the Owar isn’t being stored or used upright.

The Owar comes bundled with a short charging cord, an interestingly shaped dabbing spoon which would probably function better as an herb scoop, an extra atomizer, and a cleaning brush.

Upclose view of coils

I’ve been running the original atomizer for a few weeks and haven’t had the need to change it. Using the right technique atomizers can last for relatively long time. The key to keeping good flavor is to not burn the coils, and the Low setting on the Owar is low enough to give users some wiggle room to hold the button for a few seconds before the coil temperature creeps up to burning territory.



The battery has a 1100mAh capacity. In regular use, this is enough for a few days before you should need to charge it. The Owar charges via a built in micro USB port and the charge time is about two hours.

Built into the battery are three temperature settings, High, Medium, and Low. The low setting is low enough to get good hits with little practice. Medium and high settings are nice to get faster results, but they’re more likely to result in burnt concentrate if you run the power for too long.

The Owar does have a 15 second auto-shutoff timer, meaning you can’t run the power for more than 15 seconds on one press. In practice, 15 seconds is more than enough time to burn your oil on the medium and high settings.

The threading at the top of the battery is the standard 510 variety, meaning it’ll work with many other atomizers available on the market.

Concentrate Storage

Hidden (in plain sight) in the bottom of the battery is a small compartment lined with silicone, perfect for storing extra oil, or wax to reload the pen with.

Owar storage jar with a little to-go package

The amount of available space in the silicone container is substantial if you’re only taking the pen out for the day. It’s teeny tiny by regular silicone container standards.

Storage container compared to a US quarter

Biggest gripe with the container is that the top isn’t covered with a non-stick material when it’s attached to the Owar. I put a piece of parchment paper against the “roof” of the body and it seems to work well enough. Haven’t had any concentrate stick to the inside of the container in my regular use. I wouldn’t use the container for most concentrates without my parchment paper addition, too much risk of getting the concentrates stuck to the bottom portion of the pen.

Wrap Up & Final Thoughts

I’m happy with the Owar’s performance.

Reloading on the go can still be a little tricky and you’ll need to have a small dabbing tool to do it with. I have a little titanium dab tool on my keychain I use.

With my little parchment paper addition, I’ve been getting great mileage from the built-in storage container.

The Owar is available directly from Atman.


  • Silicone mouthpiece is easy to clean
  • Atomizer is spillproof (only an issue if you overload the pen)
  • Built in Micro USB charging port


  • Concentrate container isn’t completely encased by silicone