This is the portable vape I’ve been waiting for. Honest to goodness convection and boy can I taste it!

To jump right into its accolades.

My Firefly favorites:

  • Heat on demand, up to vaporization temperature in six seconds from cold.
  • Superb taste! Outstanding taste from this vaporizer, wow.
  • Swappable rechargeable batteries.
  • Easy to clean! Don’t overlook this one lazy people… you know who you are.
  • Batteries charge quick (45 minutes).

What stops the Firefly from being the portable of my dreams:

  • This thing is hefty. Especially on the herb chamber end.
  • Portable, but not very discreet.
  • One battery lasts for three full chambers on average. You can swap the batteries… if you buy more batteries. I ended up springing for more batteries down the line, I’m glad I did.

Is that all there is to this thing? No, not really. There are tons of nuances that I was able to pick up pretty quick. Super funky magnets hold the lid on. I’m always thrilled to see magnets doing fun stuff in gadgets.

Have you ever been burned by HOT vapor from a vaporizer? Not with the Firefly!

The vapor coming from the mouthpiece is always cool. All that cold hard steel in the air path does a fantastic job at cooling the vapor to an easy to enjoy temperature.

Learning through experimentation

I kid you not, I still don’t “remember” to read the instructions before I use a vape for the first time.

[themify_box style=”green announcement shadow” ]This is a reminder to read the instructions before you use your new vaporizer for the first time. Or just read the whole review.[/themify_box]

Once I figured out which button does what, I fell in love with the firefly. Super simple learning curve.

So how do I open this thing up?

The lid is held on by two powerful magnets, at first I was a bit surprised by how much force it took to remove it but found that it wasn’t a problem once I had gotten used to opening it. Once I had the lid off I loaded the chamber with 0.1 gram of dry herb (which seems like the perfect fit) and replaced the lid.


My first draw from the Firefly was disappointing. Having not read the instructions, I was working off of the assumption that I knew instinctively how to approach the Firefly. I was wrong. After getting no hit, and an assortment of tiny bits of herb in my mouth I was ready to stop experimenting? Once I read through the instruction manual, and had another few attempts under my belt, I had understood how the Firefly was intended to be used. The trick is to pull so slowly that you have to consciously remember not to breathe through your nose. My first attempt I had treated the Firefly as if it were the Pax, or Ascent.


Once I was confident with my technique I was immediately impressed by how quickly the Firefly comes to life and heats up when required. By now the air path had the necessary resin buildup to catch the tiny particles that get that far, I had mastered the art of letting the Firefly dictate the pace of my draw, and I was getting impressive clouds from this little portable. By now of course the battery had died, and I was just finishing up my third 0.1g herb chamber. So I popped the Firefly back on the charger.



The box is nice. It’s bold, and it’s well put together. When I opened the box up, the first thing I saw was the Firefly on its pedestal angled toward me. Its very polished. The build is well put together and sleek. I picked the Firefly up and instantly noticed its weight first, it was heavier than it looked. Going through the box I found a cardboard spacer with a hole that exposed the Firefly logo on the instruction manual. Beneath that was the charger, battery, back cover, plastic picks, brush, cleaning cloth, and extra screens. I popped the battery into the Firefly and slid the back cover on. Both the battery and the back cover have very snug fits that don’t have any wiggle to them during regular use. With the battery and cover in place, the Firefly was even heavier than before, but the new weight distribution makes it much more comfortable to hold and use.

The sides of the Firefly contain the controls. The left side includes (from front to rear) on/off switch, indicator light, charging port, heater grill. The right side has the heater button located 60% of the way from the mouthpiece, and a heater grill. The position makes it comfortable to control the heater with your right thumb. The rear has a third (and final) heater grill, and the front has the mouthpiece.

The lid is also the top of the Firefly. On the outside it has a porthole window to the herb chamber, the outside rim is adorned with the words “HOT” and the window can get very hot during use. There is a small Firefly badge on the bottom of the lid as well. The inside of the lid has quite a bit more going on. Grooves in the inside of the lid form the air channel when the lid is securely sealed against the main body. Embedded in the center of the lid are two strong magnets that hold it against the main body of the Firefly. Outside the air channels is lined with a soft rubber that forms an airtight seal against the flat surface of the main body.

The top of the main body is a big flat mirror. The heater chamber is embedded in the top with a small symbol indicating it’s hot above it. Another Firefly badge is etched near the bottom. The very bottom has a small opening that leads directly to the mouthpiece. Keep this clean! Use the little plastic picks or brush to push bits of herb out of there and keep it clean, you’ll enjoy your Firefly experience that much more if you do.


The heater chamber I understand to be a frosted borosilicate glass, at the bottom lies a mesh screen that keeps the herbs from getting into tight places and exiting the air path.


There isn’t much to it with the Firefly, you turn it on and then you press the heater activation button. All the functions of the Firefly are indicated by the one small light between the power port and the on/off switch.

  • Solid Green: On
  • Pulsing Green: Heating
  • Solid Blue: Fully Charged
  • Pulsing Blue: Charging
  • Pulsing Red: Battery Low
  • Amber: Firefly is too hot, let it cool down.

When you press the heater button the Firefly begins to heat up a chamber below the herb chamber, when you begin to draw, you’re drawing the hot air into the herb chamber.


I like the Firefly. Its a quick crafty portable that even charges quickly. Unfortunately, the Firefly doesn’t compete well in the stealth while in use department. There is no way I could think of cleverly using the Firefly without standing out in a crowd. That being said, you could always duck off into a quiet spot to use it. The mouthpiece is petite to say the least, it gets the job done but chances are you’ll find that your lips are up against the body of the Firefly. The porthole window gets dirty quickly and needs to be cleaned if you’d like to see whats going on in the herb chamber. Cleaning it is easy with a cotton swab and some isopropyl alcohol. When cleaning the little window DO NOT spin the glass in place. If you do this you’ll dislodge the gasket keeping the seal and its a pain to get back into place. I had to use the small plastic pick and slowly poke and prod this rubber seal back into place. Do not make the same mistake I did. If you put some pressure on the glass from the opposite side while cleaning, that should keep it from turning in place.


  • Heats up in six seconds
  • Looks great
  • Charges in 45 minutes
  • Removable battery
  • Produces small but hearty clouds
  • CONVECTION! Does not cook herbs when you’re not pressing the button. Period.
  • Tastes great, thats the convection heating method at work.



  • Small bits of herb get in your mouth if its too clean
  • Small glass window gets dirty fast, annoying to clean
  • Buttons feel soft, the power switch is mushy and the heater button has play to it
  • Not discrete
  • No easy way of attaching to a water pipe/bubbler

Should you get it? That depends on what you expect from a vaporizer. If you’re not looking to show off thick clouds to your friends, but you’re in the market for a portable vaporizer that will be ready at a moments notice, then the Firefly is a good vaporizer for you. What really separates it from the crowd is the all convection heater and the user removable battery. I would not hesitate to recommend the Firefly, but it may not be for everyone.


The Firefly sells for an MSRP of $269.95

Where to buy the pax 2

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