Last November I traveled to Amsterdam for the 2014 High Times Cannabis Cup.

I ended up not buying tickets to the cup due to some issues with the Cup.

The photos that follow document a full day in Amsterdam.

General Sights

Snack CornerThere was no shortage of snacks, corners, or even snack corners in Amsterdam.

Bicycles everywhere.

Canal Tour

Simon under lightsSimon from StrainHunters on a canal cruise with us. We were all invited on this cruise by Marc Emery.

Marc lightsMarc on the right checking out the festival of lights on the canals.

HeaterThis little heater worked hard keeping our toes warm on that canal cruise.

swansPeeping Swans.

We made a canal pit stop for hot chocolates. Simon came back with a tray full and that wasn’t even all of it. The hot chocolate was delicious, I’m not quite sure who paid for it all…

Thanks Simon, Marc, and everyone else involved for contributing to this awesome canal tour.

Green House Coffee Shop

Time to hit the Verdamper.

dabsFamiliar sight. Al the Alchemist takes a photo of some concentrate.

GH DogThis guy was hanging out at Green House dressed as Cerberus.


Without question the Sublimator was a crowd favorite.


Enrico“Are you taking a picture of me while I’m talking to you?” – Enrico

The fantastic and helpful kitchen staff at Green House. Service with a smile! =)

This cool little rig got a lot of action.


I was lucky enough to get to chat with someone recording a documentary on the state of cannabis in Ireland.