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My ascent battery died after about 8 months of use, while it still works from the wall charger, it is no longer portable which is the whole reason i bought it in the first place. Since their products are so sub par compared to the pax, I would recommend for those reading to buy the pax. I will not buy from Da vinci again


We have 3 ascents in out family and while I liked the unit, they keep breaking down…electronics break and the rubber breaks down. I have repeatedly sent them back, they repair and resend you the same unit that breaks again and again. Not a very reliable vaporizer for the price. Very frustrating as it is costing extra money to send the units back to DaVinci. Also lots of red tape and they don’t seem to want to work with you. I would NOT buy another DaVinci product.

Biffy Mac
I bought one and it lasted 4 months. The first thing to go was the ceramic bowl. It started popping out. I returned it and the company fixed it.. tons of red tape to go through, but I was happy to get it back. After about 2 weeks of use, it broke in 1/2.. just snapped and the lid where they had replaced the bowl just popped out. I could see all of the wired. I sent photos to the company and they refused to help me. I paid over $300 with taxes for a very poorly made product! My… Read more »
Tidal Derp

The Ascent has major reliability problems, especially with the battery. DiVinci will not fix the problems without the $60 extended warranty.

Marie C.

You do a great job with your review, in detail. When it comes to looks, I like the sleek look of the Stealth. The reason there are so many different kinds of vaporizers is that each person has their own preferences, and that is good. Everyone can find one they like.


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