Everyone I know who has one loves their big grinder. The people who don’t have one think its too big. Every grinder company has a different take on what size their largest should be, some max out at 3.5 inch diameter other at 4 inches. My Santa Cruz Shredder Jumbo 4-Piece has a 4 inch diameter and I absolutely love it! I use it more frequently than any of my other grinders, and most frequently at my desk.

Personally, I don’t need a grinder with an herb chamber capacity large enough to fit my entire hand. Having the extra space is a convenience. I don’t have to be too particular about which part of the grinder I put buds in because there are many more teeth on my SCS Jumbo than there are smaller grinders. That means that there is more usable space for grinding without fear of mashing your herb in the center or around the edges. Loading VapeXhale Cloud Evo EZ Load Bowls is also a lot easier when you’re scooping them out of a large 4″ herb chamber. There are many vaporizers that become easier to load when you can simply put their herb chamber inside your grinder’s herb chamber.

I can understand that cost can be a determining factor in ones decision not to buy an extra large or jumbo grinder, but I’m seeing many scoffing at the size of the grinder without ever even giving it a try. I highly recommend anybody seeking a new grinder consider the oversized option, especially if you would have never considered it before.