My VB2 needs a good cleaning. I’ve seen pictures of other units, and they’re usually pretty dirty. I didn’t expect mine to get so dirty so quickly, so today I gave the VB2 its first light cleaning and it did wonders.

Using a paper towel and some 91% isopropyl alcohol I wiped out the inside of the VB2 (while cold) and that pretty much cleaned up of the upper half of interior ceramic. The lower half had some much more baked on stains that didn’t come off with a quick wipe-down. The glass lid was equally easy to clean, requiring a quick wipedown on the inside and a few quick passes through the small stem with a twisted paper towel (still soaked in 91% iso alcohol).

I used a razor blade to scrape up some of the darker stains closer to the bottom of the interior ceramic, this was much more involved than the initial wipe-down and I kept the scraping to a minimum. Although I did stop short (light cleaning), the VB2 looks worlds better than it did when it was dirty. Total time invested in actual cleaning was around 5 – 10 minutes. Don’t neglect your vaporizers!

The VB2 has been getting a lot of action, and praise from the team at VRB. Keep an eye on our Twitter and Instagram feeds for the most up-to-date action shots. As always, stay tuned for the review coming up in the next few weeks. If you haven’t checked it out yet, you can find more information over the the Vaporbrothers VB2 website or at VaporWarehouse.