Arizer Solo Dock

I’ve been working on designing a charging and accessory stand for the Arizer Solo using SketchUp since mid December. Now that I finally have a printer to test my design, I’m pretty happy with the first printed version of the dock. There are still a few small changes to make, and some final design elements that need to get ironed out, but I can happily say that the alpha version of this dock is fully functional!

The dock has room for two Solo stems (I have one of Ed’s TnT stems and a PlanetVape High Efficiency Stem) a 14mm female joint for holding the Solo GonG (also from PlanetVape), and a 14mm male joint recessed into the body to hold the f-Bomb (also from PlanetVape). There is a small accessory storage bin in the front that you can use to hold an additional stem, or some screens, etc…

Firefly review

After spending close to two months, I’m almost ready to publish my full Firefly vaporizer review. Overall this was an extremely fun review to write, the Firefly provided me with quite a few surprises throughout my experience with it. One of the biggest obstacles for me was photographing the Firefly for review due to its glossy finish on both the inside and outside of the device. The Firefly adds some interesting changes to the high end portable vaporizer market including its quick 45 minute charge time, user replaceable battery, and on-demand convection heating.

Keep an eye out for the finished review coming up soon.