PAX Labs has announced the upcoming release of two new portable vaporizers:

PAX 3 – an update to their popular Pax line of herb vaporizers

PAX Era – a slim portable extract vaporizer


The Pax 3 is a generational update to the PAX 2, it packs a bigger battery, shorter charge time, vibration feedback and wireless connectivity with the Pax Vapor App. Pax Labs also claims the updated technology in the Pax 3 “powers an oven 2x the strength of PAX 2” which I’m looking forward to trying.

Thanks to the more powerful oven the PAX 3 has a listed heatup time of 15 seconds, which is lightning quick by today’s standards. This positions the Pax 3 as the conduction sibling of the Grasshopper vape, another on-demand portable. We’ll also be able to enjoy cannabis concentrates (wax, oil, budder, etc) in the Pax 3 using special pods. Overall, the updates were incremental in nature but add up to what I expect will be a big improvement in experience and usability.

Also included with the PAX 3 is the assorted tools and oven spacers that Pax Labs has recently made available for the Pax 2. These are a welcome addition considering the popularity of aftermarket spacers, and oven lids for the PAX 1 and 2.

All this comes bundled together with an extra special bow on top, a price cut. Thats right, not a huge one, but the Pax 3 will retail for $274.99 which is five dollars less expensive than the launch price of the Pax 2.

Pax Era

The Pax Era is a brand new concentrate-only vaporizer. It’ll retail for $59.99 and is designed to be used with proprietary pre-filled pods which will not be sold online.

Currently there are two locations to buy PAX Era pods, one in California and one in Colorado. Limited availability coupled with the proprietary nature of the pods may make the Era a tough sell to the general public. The Era is looking to be a geographic niche item for the time being.

In general there is very little known about the pods and the oil makeup. I’m curious to see if the pre-filled carts are straight oil, or if they’re cut with PG or VG like many pre-filled carts are. Will the carts themselves contain the heating element?

Here’s to hoping that someone comes our with a re-fillable aftermarket cart =)