THE PAX IS LESS EXPENSIVE! Down to $200 from an Authorized Dealer.

Hahaha, I can sit around and speculate all I want about a new generation Pax, but the fact is that I have no evidence and nothing to talk about.

Instead I choose to be excited that the Pax is less expensive and can continue to stay a competitive option in the portable vaporizer world.

The Pax is a category leader in being discreet

If you’ve seen the Pax out of context, you know what I’m talking about. It looks like a pocket gadget. Nothing more.

If you haven’t seen the Pax out in the real world… perhaps it’s just that discreet.

Ploom is aggressive about counterfeits

You’re less likely to get a counterfeit Pax because Ploom is aggressive with tracking them to the importer and having the whole thing shut down.

If you buy your Pax from an Authorized Dealer you won’t have to worry about that at all, and now it’s fifty bucks less.