Today is my second day with the Brick vaporizer by Sticky Brick Labs. I’ve been using it as my primary portable vape around the house and studio since I got it. Notice I said house and studio, I haven’t dared to take it out on a walk yet.

It’s kinda big and curious-looking.

I heat the Brick up with a torch lighter, holding the flame right by the intake of the smaller glass tube. To control the vapor density, I move the torch flame closer or further from the opening.

Learning to use the Sticky Brick was quick. I haven’t had any torched or combusted sessions yet (knock on wood) and the vapor feels dialed in. While taking a draw, I can see the density of the vapor in the mouthpiece. This gives me the feedback I need to adjust the flame distance accordingly. Long story short, I’m confident I can get consistent thick hits from the Brick in no time at all.