Sticky Brick Vaporizer First Impressions

Last Updated: Sep 13, 2016

Today is my second day with the Brick vaporizer by Sticky Brick Labs. I’ve been using it as my primary portable vape around the house and studio since I got it. Notice I said house and studio, I haven’t dared to take it out on a walk yet.

It’s kinda big, and curious looking.

So this thing,the Sticky Brick is pretty easy to use, and doesn’t require too much manual dexterity. There are a few things that could be improved, such as the screen that the herbs sit on. But otherwise, I’d say that it’s very accessible.

I heat the Brick up with a torch lighter, holding the flame right by the intake of the smaller glass tube. To control the vapor density, I move the torch flame closer or further from the opening.

Learning to use the Sticky Brick was quick. I haven’t had any torched or combusted sessions yet (knock on wood) and the vapor feels dialed in. While taking a draw, I can see the density of the vapor in the mouthpiece. This gives me the feedback I need to adjust the flame distance accordingly. Long story short, I’m confident I can get consistent thick hits from the Brick in no time at all.