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40 Comments on "Kandypens K-Vape Review and How-To Guide"

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I am brand new to vaping, and just picked the k-vape 2.0 up, and used it for the first time tonight. I was always under the impression that vaporizers had a “button” you had to press in order to fire the thing up, but this does not. So I am assuming that once it reaches max heat, and the light turns green, then you just hit it? The first time I fired it up, I didn’t get a whole lot of smoke, but I felt it…a lot. I was expecting a thick cloud of vapor, like I’ve seen other people… Read more »

My kvape will not heat up, how can I fix that?

I’ve used my K-Vape 2.0 three times and each time I have to suck so damn hard on the damn thing I almost pass out. It seems like the airflow is obstructed. I tried it with no herb in the chamber after I cleaned it thoroughly and it is still very hard to get air through it. Where does air enter the device…through the USB charge portal? I had to pull 12 times off of it to get the same effects as 3 pulls off of my Magic Flight Launch Box. Is my unit a lemon or is this thing… Read more »

I have had my K Vape charging for 5 hours now and it still is red? What’s the problem?


Just got my K-Vape 2.0. It is everything it says, and convection oven is true vaping. It is a different sort of buzz than I am use to when smoking a joint, but love how it hits hard. No more smoking glue from papers for me. I like the highest setting the best. Awesome Vape at much lower the cost than others that it compares to or exceeds.