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Joe B
Was extremely happy with the Herbalizer when it worked, but it stopped working after just a few months with an odd error message advising to send it in for servicing. I returned it only to get the returned product giving me the same exact error message as if they did nothing to repair it. I balked and they were gracious enough to send a full replacement. Guess what, that replacement broke within a month with that same error message. Now to be clear, I took great care of this unit, and it sat and was used stationarily from a table.… Read more »

Hey how does the Herbalizer stack up against the EVO http://vaporreviewblog.com/vapexhale-evo-review/ ? does it allow you to connect to water pieces with an extension?

Herbie User
Herbie User
Thank you for the review. It’s very important to have 3rd party information on a product that is such high ticket cost – and literally the most expensive on the market. I would like to echo your final verdict and say that this medicating device is a game changer for me. I suffer from serious medical issues that are greatly helped by cannabis and this machine allows me to dial in exactly the medicating affect I need given the situation I am in. Also, the stair-step vaporization technique allows you to get so much more medication out of every gram… Read more »

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