Pax 2
King of discreet vapes, improved in every way
Firefly Vaporizer
True convection taste. Instant heatup
Crafty Vaporizer
The closest thing to a desktop vaporizer in a portable body
DaVinci Ascent
Glass airpath, long life battery, smart temp stepper
Pax Vaporizer Review
In Progress
Pax Review
Arizer Air
More portable Arizer Solo, Removable battery
Vapium Summit Review
Aimed at outdoors use, inexpensive
Arizer Solo
At-home portable, great battery, 3rd party stems 
DaVinci Vaporizer
Built in storage chamber and brush
Hammer Vaporizer
Butane off-the-grid,
built in torch 
Lotus Vaporizer
Butane, heavy hitter,
water pipe adaptable
Inexpensive, simple, usb chargable
Haze V3 Vaporizer
Dual chambers,
stow-away mouthpiece