The Plenty Vaporizer is a handheld, plug-in vaporizer from the creators of the world-famous Volcano vaporizer. So why does it look like a power tool?

The Plenty Vaporizer by Black & Decker Storz & Bickel

There is a lot to like about the Plenty, and a few things that I wasn’t too fond of.
The Plenty has a LARGE herb chamber, similar in size to the Volcano. For some, this is great, more herbs yield thicker draws. Others may find that the large herb chamber isn’t as efficient with only a small amount of herb, but this is quickly fixed by using the included oil pad as a spacer to press the herb against the screen.

The Plenty consists of three main parts:

  1. Main Body (heat exchanger)
  2. Herb Filling Chamber
  3. Cooling Coil

“The heat exchanger is equipped with a double helix to ensure efficient air heating and high-yield vaporization.” – Storz & Bickel America Inc.

I haven’t opened my Plenty up, so I cant corroborate the double helix claim, although I’ve always been happy with the heat and vapor output potential of the Plenty. The Herb Filling Chamber fastens to the front of the main body with a quarter turn.The cooling coil slips right into the center of the Herb Filling Chamber with a silicone gasket to hold it in place.

Plenty Vaporizer Herb Chamber and Cooling Coil
Plenty Vaporizer Herb Chamber

How do you use it?

Fill your Herb Filling Chamber and fasten to the Plenty
Flip the power switch to the on position
Set temperature dial to desired temperature
Squeeze the trigger, the Plenty will begin heating up (approx 4 minutes)
When the heating indicator light turns on, point the Plenty towards yourself and begin to draw

Note: If the temperature falls too low while the trigger is squeezed the Plenty will begin its heating cycle again.

As you can see, the Plenty is designed to turn off automatically if the trigger hasn’t been pressed in some time. Safety first!

My Experience

Loading and unloading the Plenty was easy peasy. I really liked that I could pack the herb chamber completely separate of the main body while it was heating up. When up to temp I just latch on the herb chamber and I’m ready to go. Thanks to the large protruding orange handle the herb chamber is a snap to get on and off. Everything fits together really well, Storz & Bickel built their reputation on a durable, high-quality vaporizer and the Plenty is no exception.

Maintenance on the Plenty is straightforward and replacement parts are readily available in a handy wear and tear kit.

Using the liquid pad for oils and concentrates yielded mixed results. While I was certainly tasting the concentrate, I couldn’t help but wonder how much of it wasn’t being vaporized. I prefer using liquid pads for times when I want to load less than a full herb chamber. The herbs are held in place against the screen by the liquid pad, making sure that the chamber vaporizes evenly.

Plenty Vaporizer Cooling Coil


The Cooling Coil gets HOT after prolonged use. Of course I found out the hard way.

What’s deceptive is that the air coming out of the Cooling Coil stays consistently cool, regardless of how hot the coil gets. The coil gets hottest at the base of the Plenty, not hot enough to pose a hazard, but hot enough that you don’t want to bump it against any sensitive areas of the body.

It bugs me that I cant put the Plenty down upright, I always have to lay it down. Am I nitpicking? You decide.

Page 16 in the manual:

“In case you prefer to keep the PLENTY standing up instead of laying on its side, you can use the cleaning brush as a support, by inserting the wooden handle in the screw hole next to the rubber foot, as shown.”

Plenty Vaporizer Brush Stand


The Plenty gets a thumbs up and a buy recommendation from me. While the design may not appeal to everybody, the Plenty is a solid choice that won’t disappoint in the performance department. The vapor production is up to snuff, and the cooling coil does a fantastic job of bringing the vapor temperature down to comfortable levels. In fact, I find that I frequently use the Plenty without any water filtration.

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