If you have listened to our Podcasts in August 13′, you may have heard King and I discuss the Lotus Vaporizer in detail. I would invite you to read up on King’s review if you have not had a chance to do so already. Personally, I find the Lotus pairs  nicely with my water filtration devices (provided I use their WPA) and has become a favorite of friends who enjoy the rituals behind combustion.


That being said,  it has been in frequent use, and after some of months, I began to notice wear and discoloration on my Lotus Heatplate. I spoke with the manufacturer to verify and confirm my issue was purely cosmetic and did not impact the performance of the Lotus. Still, this gave me an opportunity to think like a consumer and address a question I have seen often raised:
What are the options if you accidentally damage the Lotus Heatplate?


First recall the Lotus Heatplate has a 1 year warranty, but there are caveats:

The hot plate has a one year warranty but does not cover piercing, denting or obvious abuse.

Be it through accidental puncture, using a triple flame jet lighter, or even bending the plate through cleaning; damaging your Lotus Vaporizer Heatplate is no longer a problem. From the folks over at Mendocino Therapeutics they offer a simple kit that easily replaces the heatplate and extends the life behind your Lotus Vaporizer cap.

What’s included in the kit?

1 x Allen key (hexagonal socket)
1 x Lotus heatplate replacement (circular shaped)
3 x Replacement screws

Cost and Availability?


  • $15 USD + Shipping and Handling
  • At the date of this review, Mendocino Therapeutics is not currently listing the kit for sale on their website.
  • We recommend you contact the manufacturer directly through their website for a replacement kit.


Step by step assembly:

  • First, I removed three screws with the provided Allen key.
  • Next, I removed an outer plate (shaped like a flower) which secured the Heatplate.
  • Affixed underneath the outer plate was the HeatPlate.
    • Please Note:  Direction the original plate is faced to determine top from the bottom.
    • Ensure the small indentations are facing down and not up.
    • The center will bend inward ever so slightly(concave is correct, convex and it should be turned over).
  • Swapping out the Heatplate and re-assembly takes only a few minutes.
  • The replacement was simple and the final result helps restore the Lotus back to its original luster.