Another year and another 4/20 is upon us. What does that mean for you? Sales, steals, and most importantly deals! Not all fancy shopping holidays are created equally and 4/20 is the one time of year that us vaporizer enthusiasts get a little bit of individual attention =)


Compiled below are a list of deals scoured from around the net. I only list companies that I trust and have purchased from in the past. In general the companies I recommend always carry genuine products, honor their promotions and offer good (all the way up to excellent) customer service.

Top Portable Vapes:

Pax 3


  • VapeWorld – $223.20 [Code: 420SB]
  • PuffItUp – $237.15 with free WPA & Glass MouthPiece & Capsule Magazine [Code: CRAFTY420]
  • PlanetOfTheVapes – $223.20 [April 20 – 22 only]


  • VapeWorld – $279.20 [Code: 420SB]
  • PuffItUp – $296.65 with free WPA & Mighty Stand & Glass Mouth Piece & Capsule Magazine [Code: MIGHTY420]
  • PlanetOfTheVapes – 279.20 [April 20 – 22 only]

Top Desktop Vapes:

Volcano Classic

Volcano Digital

4/20 Vape Deals By Shop